Ledarc 1083

The LEDARC 1083 has an IP65 rated waterproof body with TILT angle adjustable manually to light up your large architectures at any angle with any colors by mixing. It features an extremely incredible light output through the 108PCS 3W LEDs (RGBW), comparable to a conventional 2000W HID color washer. LEDARC 1083 is available on 2 DMX channel modes for easy application or pro control. It offers a complete solution for specialized projects with high standard requirements.

Ledarc 1083



Ledarc 1083



Ledarc 1083

16.7 millions of colors by mixing
Specific high efficiency optic lens
50,000 hours life span and lower power consumption
Manual controllable for TILT angle adjustment
LED shutter effect
Smooth LED dimming
LED rainbow effect
Macro effect
Strobe effect with 18 flashes per second and pulse effect
General dimming and blackout for all four colors
4CH/9CH channel modes switchable
DMX512, master-slave and sound activated controllable or auto operation
LED display
Power IN/OUT by waterproof power connectors
3-PIN DMX waterproof connectors
-40℃ to 40℃ operation temperature
Die-cast aluminum structure
IP65 protection rating

Дополнительная информация

Габариты 229 x 330 x 437 mm
Входное напряжение, В

Источник света

Сигнал управления

Канал управления

Энергопотребление, Вт

Масса нетто, кг

Масса брутто, кг