Ledarc 483

Like a nice lady, exquisite outlook and junoesque sublimity, this item makes sure to bring unimaginable charm naturally for your venues like building, stage, nightclub to shock people’s eyeballs. When you look into its heart, it’s not only the attractive surface but the real abilities it owns, auto operation with built-in programs, DMX operation, variable color changing and flashing effects. Should you see it more, touch it and feel it…

Ledarc 483



Ledarc 483



Ledarc 483

48*3W LEDs (RGB)
Colors optional for customers, single color or RGB
LED RGB technology with 256 degree gray scale function
Synchronous effect through intelligent controller
DMX controller controllable
8 DMX channels
Digital IP address together with built-in fixed program for synchronization and self-link
Light angle and position adjustable for optimal lighting effect
Applicable for both indoor and outdoor like stage, bar, nightclub, courtyard, architectural, theme park, etc.
IP65 protection rate

Дополнительная информация

Габариты 235 x 600 x 200 mm
Входное напряжение, В

Источник света

Сигнал управления

Канал управления

Энергопотребление, Вт

Масса нетто, кг

Масса брутто, кг