Profile 300Z

Through months of research and development, by learning from the top international brands who are professional at studio lights, Color Imagination recently launched a totally new series of high definition and ultra quiet LED studio lights into our product range, basing on our driving force, light quality.

PROFILE 300Z/200Z is a high definition SPOT lighting system with manual zoom system from 15°-38°, available for different options:

PROFILE 300Z-CW: 1*300W cool white 5600K COB LED
PROFILE 300Z-WW: 1*300W warm white 3200K COB LED
PROFILE 200Z-CW: 1*200W cool white 5600K COB LED
PROFILE 200Z-WW: 1*200W warm white 3200K COB LED
PROFILE 120Z-CW: 1*120W cool white 5600K COB LED
PROFILE 120Z-WW: 1*120W warm white 3200K COB LED
PROFILE 200Z-F: 1*200W 4-in-1 COB LED
PROFILE 200Z-T: 1*200W 3-in-1 COB LED
PROFILE 200Z-D: 1*200W 2-in-1 COB LED (Cool White+Warm White)

The housing is made by rugged, die cast aluminum alloy, compact and light weight. The profile features brightest output and the boldest rendering of the colors you use most, flicker free even at high speed. It delivers projection like natural sunlight. The 2-in-1 version’s temperature and tints could be adjusted to illuminate individual skin tones perfectly, resulting in great look in person and on camera. The bi-colors are individually tunable to achieve innovative tungsten to daylight advantages, color temperature adjustable from 3200K to 5600K. The RGBW/RGB version are with infinite color mixing system that brings any colors to lighting designers. The profiles come with 3 metal spot cutting slots by which the users could cut the spot into kinds of shapes. Color frame, gobo slot and manual iris system are optional.

The profiles are ideal for theatres, houses of worship, conference rooms, special photography, TV sudios, exhibition centres, universities and schools, hospitality, retail, clubs, etc.

Profile 300Z

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1*300W/200W COB LEDs (available for CW/WW/RGBW/RGB/CW+WW)
50,000 hours life span and low power consumption
Color Rendering Index(CRI): Ra≥95
Optimized high definition optical system for improved photometric performance