Racer 200

The RACER 200 is a new technology hybrid effects projector, providing powerful and precise BEAM, SCANNER and LASER simulator effects with motorized FOCUS. It features a PHILIP 5R lamp with 2000 hours life span. The functions include a X / Y scan and Z rotation mirror system, static gobo wheel, color wheel, 3-facet prism, shutter, strobe, smooth linear dimmer, etc. The RACER 200 are applicable for large scale live concerts, TV productions, nightclubs, etc.

Racer 200

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Racer 200



Racer 200

2000 Hours lamp life span
No need for adjustment of reflector or lamp
Anti-reflection lenses
Electronic ballast
3°projection beam angle
X / Y scan and Z rotation mirror system
Beam, scanner and laser simulator effects
Liquid sky, laser wave and cone effects at variable speed
Static gobo wheel with 16 gobos plus open, including beam reduction gobos
Color wheel with total 11dichroic colors plus open
Variable direction rainbow effect with speed adjustable
3-facet rotating prism with speed adjustable and variable direction
Macro-function for gobos/prism combinations
4 Built-in macro effects
8 Internal running programs
Motor driven focus from near to far
Smooth and precise electronic dimming system
Variable speed shutter/strobe effect
Preset variable/random strobe and dimming pulse effects
DMX, stand-alone, master/slave, sound activated mode
DMX recorder and edit function integrated
Blue LCD display
3-pin or 5-pin XLR connectors IN/OUT
High efficiency fan cooling system
Constant temperature readout / management function
DB rating @ 1M = 54,18db
Adjustable mounting bracket for installation
1 x Safety attachment point

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Габариты 251 x 348 x 196 mm
Входное напряжение, В

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Racer 200