SPOT MOVING HEAD вращающаяся голова» на лампе Philips Platinum 35 R, CT:7400K, CMY.Zoom:8°-46°, 320801 Lux @ 2,5 м @ 8 °

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Фотометрия и габариты



Каналы DMX


Lamp: Philips Platinum 5R, CT:8000 K, Life: 2,000H
l Control channel: 12/14/18 channels
l Pan movement: 540°/630°optional (16 bit )
l Tilt movement: 270°(16 bit )
l Advanced moving system: fast, stable and quiet, auto X-Y repositioning
l Color wheel: 12 dichroic filters +open, rainbow effect
l Rotating gobo wheel: 8 interchangeable, rotating, indexable gobos+open
l Rotating prism: 8 facets and prism macros
l Focus: motorized focus
l Shutter: Variable from 1-25 flashes or random strobe
l Dimming: 0-100% full range dimming
l Frost: 0-100%
l Beam angle: 3°
l 7 pre-built programs can be selected
l Friendly touch full color LCD display,with rechangeable battery
l Humanized reset detection set: long press menu and enter button tolock pan/tilt reset, can support fixtures do the reset detection in flight case
l Software upgrade: through DMX cable conveniently, quickly upgradesoftware
l Optional Built in wireless receiver
l Remote DMX addressing, lamp on/off, reset, sound control switch by controller
l Advanced RDM function

Power: AC100-240V, 50/60HZ
Packing dimension: 62.5 x 46.5 x 46 cm
Net Weight: 14.5kgs
Gross Weight: 19.5kgs

Дополнительная информация

Габариты 930 x 630 x 540 mm
Входное напряжение, В

Частота, Гц

Масса нетто, кг

Масса брутто, кг